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AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Instructions

AeroPress is is an extremely easy coffee maker to use once you know how, and in fact most people probably just jump right in and start a brew without reading any instructions and do okay. But a quick browse through the following AeroPress instructions can only help you make the best possible coffee, so let’s get to it.

AeroPress Instructions

Seven easy steps to using your new Aerobie AeroPress:

    1. Make sure your AeroPress is clean. If it’s new give it a good wash in warm, soapy water to remove any residue from the manufacturing process. If you’ve been using it for a while you will know that a good rinse under warm water (without soap) after each use is quite adequate, although a warm, soapy wash every few days is still recommended to stop the build up of oils and bits of grit. Don’t put it in the dishwasher! More specifically, don’t put the rubber seal/plunger in the dishwasher on a hot wash as this will cause it to perish over time. The other components can go through the dishwasher, but a cold wash it best.
    2. Take the plunger out of the chamber.
    3. Put a filter into the filter cap and screw the cap onto the bottom of the chamber. Wet the filter with clean water, before or after fitting the cap to the chamber, shaking off excess water.
    4. Sit the chamber on a mug or glass, filter end down. You’ll be pushing down reasonably hard on the chamber so make sure you use a robust and stable receptacle.
    5. Add one scoop (or whatever amount is your preference) of your favourite ground coffee to the chamber, spreading it evenly across the filter.
    6. Pour hot water (around 80°c) into the chamber and stir well (using the AeroPress Stirrer which is designed not to scrape the filter) to remove any clumps of coffee hidden under the water. A 10 second stir is good as this not only ensures all the coffee grounds are wet, it also allows the coffee to ‘steep’, or give off gases activated by the hot water. (Many people prefer a longer steep so experiment a bit at this point). One scoop of coffee will need water up to the 2 mark (or whatever level appeals to your personal taste).
    7. Wet the rubber seal on the bottom of the plunger (to provide some lubrication) and place it into the chamber. Gently push down forcing the water through the coffee grounds and filter. It can get hard to push on occasions, particularly with very fine grounds, but don’t fall for the trap of lifting the plunger or your brew will most likely be ruined. (Check out this post to see why). If you push too hard at the start you can compress the coffee grounds and make it difficult to get the water through, so gentle pushing is the name of the game here.

That’s it! Your brew is ready.

To clean the AeroPress just unscrew and remove the filter cap and ‘pop’ the used coffee into your compost by pushing more on the plunger. Remove the plunger from the chamber and then rinse everything under clean water (or clean as described above).

The amount of coffee you use, the coarseness (or fineness) of the grind, the amount of water, the water temperature and the time you leave for steeping are all variables that you can experiment with to find your perfect coffee.

Here are aeropress-instructions in pdf format if you want to print them out.

Enjoy your AeroPress!

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