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How To Use Your Porlex Grinder

Remove the handle and lid from your grinder and fill the top chamber with coffee beans. Replace the lid and fit the handle onto the shaft. Grip the body of your grinder tightly while you turn the handle clockwise and keep on grinding until you no longer feel any resistance at all. Your ground coffee is stored in the bottom chamber, so, holding both chambers of your grinder, twist them in opposite directions as you pull them apart.

Changing your grind setting :

  1. To adjust your grind, you need to adjust the positioning of the ceramic burr. Separate the two halves of your grinder and you’ll find the burr at the base of the top chamber. Here you will see the adjusting wheel, and this is the component that dictates how finely the burrs will grind your beans.
  2. Twist it clockwise to tighten, anti-clockwise to loosen. The finest grade setting is the point at which the ceramic burrs are as close as they can be without actually touching. If it’s difficult to turn the handle, you’ve tightened the adjusting wheel too much and can cause damage to the ceramic burrs. This finest setting is your reference point for all the other grades. From this point, loosen the adjusting wheel in ‘clicks’.
  3. Grinding for an AeroPress, most people go for a grade between 4 and 6 clicks from the finest setting. Have a bit of fun playing around here and figure out where you sit on the scale.
  4. Note: It’s best to adjust your grind setting when your Porlex is clean, particularly if you are changing to a finer grade. This ensures that coffee grinds won’t get stuck anywhere you wouldn’t want them and avoids potential damage to the ceramic burrs.
  5. You can now clean the burr assembly.

Important considerations

  1. If you ever hear an unusual sound coming from your grinder or feel more resistance than normal, stop grinding immediately. Take your grinder apart entirely and remove any foreign matter that might have found its way inside.
  2. Never put anything other than coffee beans in your Porlex grinder.
  3. If you haven’t used your grinder in a while, give it a clean with warm, soapy water and a toothbrush before using it again. Make sure everything is thoroughly dry before reassembling it. This makes sure that any old residue is removed and doesn’t mess with your desire for a perfect brew.
  4. If your grinder has been damaged (for example by grinding something really hard or being dropped from a great height), stop using it straight away. Sadly, you’ll need a new one.

The official Porlex instructions can be found here (pdf)

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