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AeroPress Micro Filters


AeroPress coffee filters have been designed to operate with the AeroPress coffee maker, of course, and Aerobie (who make the AeroPress) were never going to scrimp on their coffee filters. They use high quality paper to avoid any taste contamination and the porosity needed for the immersion brewing technique the AeroPress uses.

Aside from those important points, these micro filters are incredibly cheap (around 2c per filter!) and one pack of 350 will last you a long, long time.

Enjoy making the best coffee you possibly can by using the high quality and affordable AeroPress micro filters.

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AeroPress paper micro filters have been designed to complement the total immersion brewing process of the AeroPress coffee maker so that you get a clean, smooth coffee every time. Most importantly, they are made from quality paper to avoid the chalky dryness that cheap coffee filters can introduce to your brew.

Aerobie state that 2,000 filters use about the same amount of paper as one newspaper (not that we know what a newspaper looks like these days). So they are not only incredibly cheap, they are also very light on the environment, especially when you compost them. You can also reuse filters—see how below.

AeroPress micro filters are the key to getting a coffee that is free of grit and sludge. Your coffee will be pure and smooth with official AeroPress paper filters. They come in packs of 350, and can be used multiple times.

TIP: Wash your filters and get multiple pressings from each one. Simply brush off any leftover grinds under running water and flatten the filter back into the filter basket to dry flat, ready for your next coffee. Gold!


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At Cape Coffee we love a good coffee, naturally. We also love the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland.

Fortunately for us the tablelands that run parallel with the coast from south of Cairns up to Mt Malloy have some of the best coffee growing conditions in Australia and some wonderful, boutique coffee producers.

The AeroPress coffee maker and Bodybrew Bod cold brew coffee system are our coffee making tools of choice and go with us when we're in the rainforest, out on the Great Barrier Reef or visiting the coffee farms.

Watch out for some delicious North Queensland coffee beans in our shop in the near future.