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Bodybrew Bod


The Bod is a modular cold brew coffee system made by Bodybrew from the US. Innovative design and high quality materials make the Bod something special – and that’s before tasting the rich coffee extract this delightful brewing system creates. Mmmm.

The Bod is a modular system that includes the following components:

  • Brew chamber
  • Extract chamber
  • Micro mesh stainless steel filter
  • 2 x easy pour twist caps (one for each chamber)
  • 1 x custom Bod shot glass (1 & 2 oz’s)
  • Comprehensive user guide
  • NOTE that the two flasks shown in our images are accessories and can be purchased independently of the Bod

This is everything you need to get a cold coffee brew going, other than the actual coffee of course.

Simply add your favourite ground coffee to the Bod brewing chamber, add water and let it do its thing (for up to 24 hours) then drink or store the resulting coffee extract in the extract chamber (it will last for a few weeks in the fridge). The cold brewing process minimises acidity and astringency while maximising flavour and sweetness.

Make the best iced coffee you have ever had!

Other great features of the Bod:

  • Made from Health Safe Tritan™* (BPA/BPS/Phalate and PVC free)
  • Spill-proof, shatter-proof, leak-proof
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Odour and taste resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Re-Brew™ Optimised

Bodybrew Bod Features

The Mini Bean and Baby Bean flasks shown in this image are not included in the Bod purchase. The Shotglass is though 🙂
* Tritan™ is a registered trademark of Eastman Corporation

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Cold brewed coffee is a very different beverage to normally (hot) brewed coffee that is subsequently chilled in the fridge or poured over ice after the brewing process. Extracting flavours from the coffee grounds using cold water instead of hot water requires a very slow steep. Up to 24 hours as an average brew time. Compare that to a hot brew time measured in seconds and you can start to see why the resulting brew is different.

The long, cold brew extraction time at low water temperature results in a rich coffee extract that is dark, intense and complex (love those mocha touches). Cold brew coffee has less than half the acidity of normally brewed coffee, making it taste sweeter than hot brews as well as being rich enough to handle ice, ice cream or alcoholic ingredients without diluting the flavour. Absolutely perfect for the summer and not bad over winter either.

The low acidity also makes cold brew coffee a healthy choice for people susceptible to gastric reflux or heartburn, or pH related issues generally. It also maintains the antioxidant benefits found in hot brewed coffee.

If you want the latest in cold brew coffee makers you can now buy the Bodybrew Bod here in Australia.

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At Cape Coffee we love a good coffee, naturally. We also love the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland.

Fortunately for us the tablelands that run parallel with the coast from south of Cairns up to Mt Malloy have some of the best coffee growing conditions in Australia and some wonderful, boutique coffee producers.

The AeroPress coffee maker and Bodybrew Bod cold brew coffee system are our coffee making tools of choice and go with us when we're in the rainforest, out on the Great Barrier Reef or visiting the coffee farms.

Watch out for some delicious North Queensland coffee beans in our shop in the near future.