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Porlex Mini hand coffee grinder


Porlex hand coffee grinders produce such top quality grinds because of their premium conical ceramic burrs. Ceramic burrs are much more durable than steel burrs and are able to produce a more consistent grind with less powder, and as we all know, a perfect brew needs perfect grinds. Adjust your grind from French Press down to Turkish.

The stainless steel housing makes this grinder tough as old boots, and the small stature of the Porlex Mini makes it super easy to chuck in your backpack.

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Why Porlex?

  • The ceramic burrs are easy to clean, never rust, and will produce consistent grinds for far longer than steel.
  • Adjust your grind from course French Press all the way down to Turkish.
  • The tough, food-grade stainless steel body of this compact little grinder makes the Porlex Mini a great travelling companion. Detach the handle and store it in the rubber grip for easy transport.
  • Without the handle attached, the Porlex Mini will fit snuggly inside the plunger of your AeroPress for maximum portability.
  • The Porlex Mini is exactly the same construction as the Porlex Tall, just with smaller upper and lower chambers. The Porlex Mini will hold nearly 25g of beans and weighs just under 250g.

Porlex Hand Grinder


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At Cape Coffee we love a good coffee, naturally. We also love the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland.

Fortunately for us the tablelands that run parallel with the coast from south of Cairns up to Mt Malloy have some of the best coffee growing conditions in Australia and some wonderful, boutique coffee producers.

The AeroPress coffee maker and Bodybrew Bod cold brew coffee system are our coffee making tools of choice and go with us when we're in the rainforest, out on the Great Barrier Reef or visiting the coffee farms.

Watch out for some delicious North Queensland coffee beans in our shop in the near future.